What is coronavirus?

This free e-book provides a very simple explanation of coronavirus and social distancing, allowing for further discussion with very young children.

This book is no longer available as a download on the website. There are many different views on the pandemic, and much has changed since this book was released at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic and lockdowns in California. A year into the pandemic, there are now many other books available that may be more representative of the circumstances – e.g., mask wearing, distance learning. If you are still interested in the book, you may contact Polly Zielonka with a request.

As California declared “shelter-in-place,” I found myself explaining these strange circumstances to my 3 year old – in honest, yet reassuring, 3-year-old terms.

We talked about what coronavirus is, the importance of keeping distance from others, and why we are all staying home for the time being. The explanation was short and simple, but it gave her some understanding of the changes going on, as well as the importance of hand washing and social distancing.

Also available free with Kindle Unlimited….

In Itty bitty newborn, Claire sings to baby, helps him with tummy time, and washes her hands before playing with him.
In When will baby play? baby Eddie holds onto his toys, rolls over, and sits up with help. Big sister Claire helps with tummy time, plays show-and-tell, and learns about teething.

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